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We specialize in unique handmade jewelry, created entirely from fruit and seeds found in the Amazon Rainforest by a small group of Colombian women artisans.  Our goal is to create an exotic, environmentally inspired look for you, while empowering these women artisans through sustainable work opportunities and added financial support, that goes beyond fair trade.


Hear our latest news, stay up to date with recent events, and see how we are growing and expanding this unique line of jewelry, as we continue on this journey to bring "jewelry made from fruit" and the compelling story of these Colombian women artisans, to a community near you!

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The Creator of our New Unique Jewelry Collection...

Carolina Locker

We are so proud to introduce our new artisan who is the creator of our Cantaloupe Seeds collection. Her name is Amparo and she lives in Medellin Colombia. Her hands are the producer of our unique jewelry. Thank you Amparo for being part of our Colombian Girl Jewelry team!


The "Strawberry Festival" in Crawfordsville, IN - June 14-16, 2013

Carolina Locker

Colombian Girl Jewelry arrived in the midwest, at the "Strawberry Festival" in Indiana, June 2013.

Perhaps not the obvious choice for our next event, having completed multiple events in Dallas, but our unique collection of jewelry was met with a level of enthusiasm in the midwest that easily rivals that of the south!  While we didn't have any jewelry made out of strawberries this time, the Hoosier state was just as happy to see jewelry made from corn, orange peel, and the tagua nut (native to Colombia)!  And surprisingly, men and children were drawn to the jewelry as much as women, always posing the same question, "Can I eat it?"  Sorry guys, all our jewelry remains non-edible to humans at this point, but don't tell that to monkeys in the Amazon -- the acai berries in many of our items remain on their list of favorite foods!

Largest Flea Market in the Country "First Monday Trade Days" in Canton, TX - March 28-31, 2013

Carolina Locker

Meeting an unexpected vendor at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas proved to be good for the soul!

          If you like flea markets, you won't find a better one then the "First Monday Trade Days" in Canton, Texas!  This event takes place the Thursday-Sunday, prior to the first monday of the upcoming month, and it always draws a Texas sized crowd.  The grounds extend for miles upon miles, with everything from antiques to furniture, homemade chocolate to fine accessories, and now even includes "jewelry made from fruit!"  Like every event, its the people we meet, vendors and customers alike, that really make our time on the road worthwhile!  And Canton was no exception to the rule, as we had a special opportunity to meet a few men with "Build A Cross" ministry based out of Louisiana.  Beyond their obvious company mission to build crosses, we discovered that these men are in business to help others recovering from drug and alcohol addiction through ministry and accountable sobriety.  How fortunate we are to have such noble accomplices alongside us on this journey, who are genuinely invested in this business for one reason -- to help others!

"Shop Til You Drop" on March 22, 2013

Carolina Locker

One inspiring woman named "Pat" creates all her purses from hand, each infused with its own special inspiration.

          We hit the road for our 2nd event of the year "Shop Til You Drop" in Parker, Texas.  This event was sponsored by the Parker Women's Cub, a non-profit organization providing opportunity for women of Parker to support their city through community service, charity, and fellowship.  Items available at the show included handmade gifts, home decor, furniture, and of course JEWELRY!  Yet again, we met an incredible ensemble of women who are "plugged in" to their community, supporting local women through the purchase of goods, selling products they created at home, or who were simply out to encourage us.  One such inspired woman we met, named Pat, is from CrossMyHeartBags, and she handcrafts purses from recycled fabrics, all with a wide range of meaning, conveyed through descriptions and little messages on the side of the purse.  Her core message is one of Christianity, but she also creates custom jobs ranging from sports teams to pets.  Pat reminds us a lot of the women artisans working in Colombia to produce our jewelry, intent on producing a unique work of art with their hands to the delight of female consumers, all over the world.  That "delight" of the creative female artisan is not equivalent to the dollar amount on the price-tag, cannot be expressed through science or formulas, and certainly does not come from a machine  -- it is spontaneous and it really feels like "magic" for anyone that has ever dared to create!

          Thank you Pat for making your "purses with meaning" available to the rest of the world!  And thank you to the women back in Colombia for their innovation and passion, allowing us to finally experience organic jewelry here in the States.