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We specialize in unique handmade jewelry, created entirely from fruit and seeds found in the Amazon Rainforest by a small group of Colombian women artisans.  Our goal is to create an exotic, environmentally inspired look for you, while empowering these women artisans through sustainable work opportunities and added financial support, that goes beyond fair trade.


Hear our latest news, stay up to date with recent events, and see how we are growing and expanding this unique line of jewelry, as we continue on this journey to bring "jewelry made from fruit" and the compelling story of these Colombian women artisans, to a community near you!

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Today is International Mother Earth Day!!!

Carolina Locker

Earth is our only Home and it is our responsibility to care about this amazing place. Today is a reminder that our planet needs each and every one of us! 

Colombian Girl Jewelry is dedicated to creating an eco-friendly line of jewelry from 100% organic materials, all in a sustainable way!  Our jewelry made from fruit comes as the result of creative collaboration between the Colombian artisans and Mother Earth. 

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle... 



Colombian Girl Jewelry Teams Up with "At Home with Didiayer" of the Hallmark Channel

Carolina Locker

We have partnered with Didiayer from the Hallmark Channel to showcase our collection of organic jewelry on the newest season of her television program "At Home with Didiayer" while she tours the countryside and passes the benefits of sustainable living on to her viewers!  Didiayer has selected just a few hand curated products to bring on-air with her in the new season, which she feels truly reflect the innovative, organic, and eco-friendly soul of her program, made to enhance the health and home of her special viewers.  As she puts it, "We have partnered with big hearted, conscience driven companies who are passionate about the sustainability of our planet."  Tune into the Hallmark channel in early 2016 and watch Didiayer wear our collection of handmade jewelry, exclusively, on each new episode!

Proud to be an American!

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Thank you America for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  May God bless America!

Thank you America for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  May God bless America!

Today we are thankful to be an American based company, where the dream to start a business and use it to help others, is still alive and thriving.  We are thankful for the millions of brave man and women that guard our shores and continue to fight today, to keep us safe and free.  Today we are thankful for our many customers, who live in a society that allows them to purchase whatever goods and services they so please, and in doing so, allow small businesses like us to expand and improve our products.  We are thankful for the little things, hamburgers and swimming pools, corn on the cob and sparklers, that make this day special ... may we never forget what Independence Day really means, and may we always fight to end tyranny and injustice, on our land and abroad.  May God bless America!

Join us this Mother's Day Weekend (May 9 - 10th, 2015)

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Join us at the annual Mother's Day Home Tour in the Swiss Avenue Historic District Saturday and Sunday, May 9th and 10th.  Located just west of downtown Dallas, this event is a fun way to get outside the house with mom, enjoy the spring weather and flowers, and some spectacular homes!  Not to mention, we'll be showcasing our newest collection of organic jewelry!  Hope to see you soon!

Looking for some COLOR this spring? (Sunday, March 22nd, 2015)

Carolina Locker

Visit our latest Colombian Girl Jewelry storefront, featured in the Gracie Lane Collection of Arlington, Texas ... it's "jewelry made from fruit" with exotic, vibrant color, you can only find in the Amazon Rainforest of Colombia!  It's living, breathing, entirely organic jewelry, made from 7 different fruit and seed combinations, ranging from orange peel jewelry, to tagua nut, dalmatian beans, and acai berries.  So ripe with color and life, many of the items in our collection actually have the same sweet fragrance inherent to their fruit.  We give new meaning to unique handmade jewelry, come and experience it all for yourself, first-hand, now available at Gracie Lane in Arlington, Texas!