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We specialize in unique handmade jewelry, created entirely from fruit and seeds found in the Amazon Rainforest by a small group of Colombian women artisans.  Our goal is to create an exotic, environmentally inspired look for you, while empowering these women artisans through sustainable work opportunities and added financial support, that goes beyond fair trade.


We have fruit, we have color, and we have irresistible gifts, all available at affordable prices in this "one stop shop," spanning our entire collection of organic jewelry! 

Un Beso


Un Beso


"One Kiss" (black-red)

SKU 0029-04

Handmade from acai berries and orange peel.

Adjustable necklace loop. Earring set included.

*Natural orange fragrance included!

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This item is comprised of multiple acai berries filling a single string, finished with one orange peel flower.  The strings are linked together in the back with a single acai berry, connected by a loop.  

Like all our jewelry, this item was handmade by a Colombian woman artisan, one piece at a time.  Our motivation is to empower you with exquisitely beautiful, all-natural Colombian jewelry, while empowering these gifted women artisans through sustainable and eco-friendly work, as they change the face of women's fashion!