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Eco-friendly Jewelry, With A Conscience

Welcome to an entirely new jewelry experience, handmade from fruit and seeds found in the Amazon Rainforest by a small group of Colombian women artisans!



               Colombian Girl Jewelry offers custom jewelry handmade from 7 unique types of fruit and seeds found in the Amazon Rainforest of Colombia!  Many you are already familiar with, such as CANTALOUPE SEEDS, ORANGE PEEL, and COFFEE BEANS, some with the same delicious fragrance inherent to their fruit!  But what makes our jewelry extra special is the multiple fruit / seed types you've probably never heard of, which represent the exotic signature of our handiwork!  These include TAGUA NUT, also called "vegetable ivory" for its resemblance to the ivory in an elephant's tusk, ACAI BERRIES which are known for their anti-oxidants and are now found in fruit smoothies, BOMBONA SEEDS, a staple of South American jewelry, and DALMATIAN BEANS with spots just like the dog, completely painted on by Mother Nature!  So much fruit available in so many styles of women's jewelry and teen jewelry, brought to you in NEW DESIGNS just as quick as we can dream them up!

               Without a doubt, our custom jewelry "made from fruit" is turning heads and paving the way for eco-friendly, sustainable products in women's fashion, but that's only a small part of a much bigger story!  At our core we represent jewelry with a conscience, empowering women across geographic and cultural borders to help one another realize their natural beauty, both inside and out!  It's true you've probably never seen jewelry for sale like this before but our collection goes beyond skin deep, to allow you to actually FEEL the beauty of our jewelry and the mission it represents in your heart.